Monday, March 12, 2012

Rescuing sad, yucky fibers. Step 1

photo by Alyssa Kail

Exhibit A: a mound of mangled, sad, yucky fiber. Stored improperly, dirty, and all mashed together, this fiber mass is about as appealing as dryer lint. But I see potential! Hard to believe, but true.

photo by Alyssa Kail

The first step is to pick and card. Literally, pick out the debris of grasses and other organic matter and then card (comb) the fibers into soft tufts.

I then laid out the tufts into a rectangular shape creating 3 batts with 4-5 layers of roving.  I lightly needle felted each of the batts, but will rely mostly on the wet felting process, which is the next step.

photos by Alyssa Kail
Stay tuned for Rescuing sad, yucky fibers - Step 2, wet felting!