Saturday, March 3, 2012

felted cuffs with metal 'buckles'

These are a limited edition series of felted cuffs using wool roving and buckle embellishments that I found at SCRAP.  That's why they're limited edition, because I'm limited to the number of buckles SCRAP had available.  This can be a challenging aspect of creative can't just run to your local craft store an pickup more supplies.  On the flip side, it keeps my work fresh and experimental.  Once I run out of a certain material, I am forced to find an alternative or move to a completely different type of project.

Beginning tomorrow, these cuffs will be available at a cute, new little shop located in my neighborhood called Montavilla here in Portland, OR.  Maven is located at 7819 SE Stark St. and features a wide variety of second hand and hand-crafted clothing, accessories, and goodies for your home.  Stop by, say 'Hi', and maybe purchase a cuff. $34 each. Limited edition of 11 available.

Many thanks! 

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