Monday, May 28, 2012

Modified Style

Modified Style is an annual fashion fundraiser held here in Portland, OR.  Designers are given bags of scrap fabric and have to make a wearable outfit for the big runway show.  Proceeds from the event are then given to local nonprofit organizations. It's alway a blast, and I enjoy the challenge of making within certain restrictions. This year I opted to participate in the 24 hour challenge, which meant that not only did I need to make something (hopefully) beautiful, but I also only had overnight and the next morning to do it.
Me hard at work in the studio.
Leading up to the day, I had sketched out some ideas of what I might like to make, but without knowing the types of fabric I would be given.  I thought I wanted to make hot pants or some sort of leggings, so I was banking on getting some sort of stretchy knit material, and I did! Score.

My cutting table, a.k.a. the hardwood floor.
I ended up making a pencil skirt instead, as my outfit was quickly taking more of a tribal chic feeling, over the urban street style, as originally intended.

Me on the runway. I was the show opener!
A shot of the back side. Sorry for the blur. Guess I was strutting too fast!

Close up. Dig the war paint?
The runway show closes with a silent auction of all the wares.  Perhaps someday I'll see someone strutting down the streets of Portland in this one of a kind. Who knows?

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